Solicitor’s Approach

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The Solicitor’s approach on retainer engagements is to establish close and efficient working relationships with our clients at all times and to develop teams of problem solvers that will accord our clients’ interests unfettered attention. Key aspects of our approach are:

  • To ensure at all times, the delivery of integrated legal advice and regulatory support where appropriate

  • To understand our clients’ commercial objectives and policies as these affect the scope of our services

  • To establish clear and simple communication procedures, in order to expedite the decision making process, commensurate with appropriate reporting lines

  • To appoint a team leader who has the overall control over our work for you, and who is responsible for ensuring that your expectations of quality, service and value for money are consistently met

  • To assemble a core team which possesses the right blend of legal skills and experience at senior and junior levels required to perform the legal work cost effectively and to channel contributions of supporting specialists; and

  • To give commercial, fully thought-through and concisely expressed advice, avoiding jargon.

    The cost of legal services to be rendered regarding all transactions (with or without value) excluded from the Retainer Fees must first be negotiated and agreed in writing by parties before the commencement of such legal services.

    We hope the foregoing has given you insight into our firm and interested you. Should you have any questions, please contact us.
    We look forward to being of service to you and developing a mutual beneficial relationship.

    Thank you.