Legal Advisory

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  • Preparation, review and/or vetting of all contracts, agreements, and other legal documents, to assure due compliance with relevant laws and regulations and protection of the Client’s interest

  • Representation, on the Client’s request, at meetings and provision of advisory services at negotiations between the Client and third parties;

  • Provision of legal advice and opinions on all matters referred to the Solicitor by the Client

  • Advice on various aspects of Nigerian law including regulatory compliance issues which impact on the business and operations of the Client

  • Advice on employment and labour matters and;

  • Representation of the Client’s interests in such litigation and arbitration matters as may be required PROVIDED THAT prior to commencement of such representation, the Client and the Solicitor shall agree on the specific terms of such representation, and the fees payable in respect of each matter.




  • Company Secretarial duties; Keep and maintain all the Company’s statutory books required to be maintained by any Nigerian Registered business pursuant to the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act(CAMA).

  • Attend meetings of the Company’s proprietor and partners, rendering all necessary secretarial services thereat and ensuring compliance with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations;

  • Update the Company’s records at the Corporate Affairs Commission by filing requisite annual returns as at when due;

  • Render such administrative and other secretarial duties as may be directed by the proprietor and partners of the Company and from time to time

  • In performing the aforementioned duties, we shall at all times, act under the directions of the Client.




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